Emily Dickinson

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The Emily Dickinson trail, though it also leads to barely concealed evidence of adventure and grief in love, the shadow of her more public than domestic father, and many a mystery besides, is first and foremost an uplifting true story of the triumph of personal choice against all the odds.

Already at the age of 25, though lively, funny and good company, Emily Dickinson was saying, ‘I don’t go from home unless emergency leads me by the hand’.

The result of her decision to stay at home was a redoubling of her creative output, which built up a total of 1775 extraordinary poems discovered stitched in neat bundles in a drawer at her death . . .

"A really excellent evening. People were rapt, attentive and enthusiastic”.
(Liza Bingley Miller, York)
after Emily Dickinson Night in York
“I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought you carried the tension of her work very well in the reading of her poems. And brought intimacy into the frame".
Celia Purcell, London (2021)
Online version
"I saw it last night - I’ve taken myself off for a ‘retreat’ and change of scene to the New Forest for a week, a perfect place to watch it and think about the reclusive ED. I also brought her Complete Poems with me. Such an extraordinary poet. Again your talk was most illuminating".
Caroline Maldonado, London (2021)
Online version
"Thank you for another compelling lecture. There is a certain new slant of light in which I now look at Emily Dickinson's poetry, thanks to your inspired evocation of her as a woman of great strength, even volcanic power."
(Romee Tilanus, London)
after Emily Dickinson night in London
"A wonderful evening of Emily Dickinson. A huge success".
(Katrina Dennison, Farnham)
after Emily Dickinson Night in Farnham
"I enjoyed this lecture so much that I have booked a trip to Amherst this summer to go to Emily Dickinson's family home, such was the impact her poetry had on my life!"
(Emma Jane Turner, London)
after Emily Dickinson Night in London
“It was a brilliant session this evening - now I'm all fired up to read and re-read Emily D.”
(Moira Wilson, Brighton)
after Emily Dickinson Night in Lewes
“Another fascinating lecture last night. Thank you. Emily Dickinson has not left me. Both her personality and her life story are intriguing. She has an economy of language in her poems which I love. Thank you so much for bringing her to my attention..”
(Member of the audience, Lewes)
after Emily Dickinson Night in Lewes

Tickets £10/$12/€11.25

for this onine talk The recording is available from 15 April 2021

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Top picture: the Dickinson family home, now the Emily Dickinson Museum, in Amhert, Massachusetts – photo Daderot, public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Lower pictures: A retouched daguerrotype of Emily Dickinson circa 1848, Wikimedia images

and Emily Dickinson’s manuscript of her poem ‘Because I Could Not Stop For Death’ (page 1 of 2), Emily Dickinson Archive (EDA – an open access website at https://www.edickinson.org)

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